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About Textur Haus

Textur Haus: German for Texture House

I'm Karin VanSlyke and I am the founder and creative director of Textur Haus, LLC. Years ago, I noticed that I wasn't finding the unique jewelry that I longed to wear and see in the market place, so I decided to design unique pieces and start my own line. Specifically, I wanted quality pieces that I could wear and enjoy for years to come.

My goal was to make jewelry that was uniquely me, and by doing so, I felt like I was tapping not only into my style and story, but into the stories of so many women. Most women just don't fit into neat little categories, and neither should their jewelry.

But why call it Textur Haus? Well, that's a good question because the word texture is not usually associated with jewelry, per se. But when you think about it, texture is what adds interest to items. It's why we always pick things up when we look at them. Its the energy the things we love carry. It's what tells the story of a piece - and by extension, of a life well lived. Texture is not often perfect, but it IS always interesting. So, it seemed like a natural fit when I was looking for names, so I just ran with it.

Expect to find one of a kind delights and small batch collections made of thoughtfully curated and sourced components that will tell your story and add textur to your life. I design and handcraft each piece in my home studio in an artistic and tree-filled neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.

(My mother is German and I wanted to create a label reflecting my German heritage and to pay homage to the most influential woman in my life.)

Karin and her mother: